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Delivery room, 1928 Birthing room, 2012

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was formally established in 1926. Prior to this, general practitioners were conducting deliveries at home and the few that were done in the hospital.

The first set of hospital twins and the first Caesarean section both occurred in 1926.

A new labor and delivery wing was constructed with the hospital addition in 1957, consisting of a three-bed labor room, two “fully equipped” delivery rooms and a nurses’ station, plus fetal monitoring equipment. This unit was directly across from the OR suite in case of emergency Caesarean births. The postpartum unit was still located on the second floor of the 1939 building, and consisted of the newborn nursery, semi-private rooms, a nurses’ station and support facilities.

Hospital deliveries increased steadily until reaching a high of 913 births in 1965, then decreased. Hospital births began to increase again in 1977 and continued a gradual increase.

In 1983, obstetrics was relocated to the newly constructed Community wing. In addition to a delivery room, two birthing rooms, and a caesarean section room came ultrasound technology through the radiology department. There were 1268 deliveries in 1989.

Grand View Hospital formed a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Connection in pediatrics in 1996. This partnership brought CHOP pediatricians on site at Grand View to care for newborns who need special care, complicated births, C-sections, emergency consultations and general care of pediatric patients.

In 2010, Grand View opened its newly-renovated Birth & Family Center. With a $7 million investment in the Birth & Family Center, Grand View Hospital has expanded its services to better serve women in the community and throughout the area. The maternity unit includes a six-bed critical care unit for newborns; a recently-renovated labor and delivery unit, which includes a second operating room for C-section births, specialty spa showers, and fold-out beds for a support person; a comfortable family waiting room; and a post-partum unit appointed with flat-screen TV’s, spa-like decor, and wireless internet access.

The hospital began offering its maternal-fetal medicine program in 2009. Perinatologists, also known as Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, provide outpatient appointments and consulting services for women with complicated pregnancies. These specially educated obstetricians use high-level ultrasound machines to evaluate the fetus and provide genetic counseling. They work with the patient’s obstetrician/gynecologist to ensure the expectant mother and her baby receive the specialized care they need.

Today, over 1,600 babies are born each year at Grand View. The hospital offers advanced neonatal care in its Level II NICU through an affiliation with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP Neonatologists and specially trained nurses care for the unique needs of Grand View’s tiniest patients 24 hours a day. This includes care such as monitoring breathing, administering intravenous medications, maintaining body temperature, assisting with feeding, and other special care.

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