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Grand View Hospital exists for one reason only – to provide for the health care needs of our community. Without the support of our community, Grand View would never have come to be and certainly could not have endured a century of challenges. We welcome you to share your stories and read about the experiences of your neighbors.

Share Your Story – Sandra Phillips

With my first child Alice I worked up to one hour before delivery, and then working after recovery, (at the desk helping with papers).  And I now get to work on occassion with my daughter Alice Fox. She has different interest in the field of nursing.  She likes the excitement of codes, I like the…

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Share Your Story – Raymond Trauger

January 25, 1980 began like any other, but ended like NO other! I arrived at Grand View Hospital by ambulance that fateful day after suffering an amputated left leg as well as a severely injured right leg.  Thus began my “Grand View Story.” My wife was called from an in-service day at Pennridge School District,…

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Share Your Story – Beth Marlin

My parents moved in the area around 1957. I was the first child in my family to be born in Grand View Hospital. My older siblings were born in Abington. We went on to be a GVH family with visits for all kinds of reasons. I had all 4 of my children here, and now…

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Share Your Story – Betty Schlectic

We are coming up on the 20th anniversary of my husband’s battle with testicular cancer. His oncologist was Dr. Kaufman. John went through 12 weeks of chemo, rotating one week in the hospital and three weeks at home in between hospital stays. He also had treatments at the Summit in between hospital stays. He spent…

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Masarjian’s Story

Thirty five years later, one milestone surgery is still revered among all others at Grand View Hospital. A group of surgeons at a community hospital in Sellersville achieved a feat not even attempted at advanced hospitals in Philadelphia at the time; changing a young man’s fate and essentially giving him back his life. Jesse Masarjian…

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Share Your Story – Helen Koenig

In the spring of 1950, I heard that there were jobs available at GVH for after school and weekend hours. Since I lived close to the hospital and was interested in a nursing career, I applied. After an interview with Mary Harrar, Director of Nursing, I was accepted for a job. The next afternoon I…

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Share Your Story – Helen Koenig

When the 1927 addition was added at Grand View, the hospital installed a sewerage line along Lawn A venue. Residents living along Lawn Avenue were given the option of joining for sewerage disposal. My grandparents were building a home (late 1920′s) along the street and opted to have sewerage installed. Payment was made to the…

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Share Your Story – Helen Koenig

During the depression, the hospital was financially poor. In order to keep it running, people from the community served in many areas. One of the ways was through the newly formed auxiliaries. These auxiliaries did various things. One of the most common was folding gauze squares. My Grandmother, Mother and Aunt belonged to Almont Auxiliary…

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Share Your Story – Gwendolyn Isley

When my family moved into the area, my dad got sick and we called 911. The Pennsburg ambulance driver asked which hospital we wanted to go to. He told us the best hospital was Grand View Hospital. At that time I was looking for a job. My husband said I should apply at GVH because…

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